Development of Life Skills

At Access Support Services, we believe in the power of a positive attitude and the ability of people to make their own choices. We help our participants achieve those things by offering them the services of our Development of Life Skills program.

Our DLS program is designed to give our participants the tools to make good decisions, feel empowered about themselves and their lives, and live independently. We do this by teaching them how to navigate their lives with confidence and ease.

We know this can be hard for many people who have been disabled for some time or who have never received assistance in this area before, so we offer individualised one-on-one coaching sessions where we work with you directly on improving your life skills. We also offer group sessions so that you can meet others going through similar situations, share experiences with them, and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

In addition to these services, we also provide support groups where people with disabilities can come together as a community and share experiences as well as tips on how best to deal with various situations that may arise during daily life, such as money management, relationships with family members or friends outside of work hours, etc.